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Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna - Published on 2021-06-21

 Exercise and sport have a pervasive power over society, they have a direct impact on your physical and psychosocial expansion. To play sports, you need a combination of physical strength and mental power. A professional sports counselor can offer help and advice to sports players. With their professional training, these experts can mentally prepare players for rigorous and disciplined practice sessions daily. A counselor may also be needed to set definite winning strategies chalked out for established sportsmen. 

Apart from better infrastructure, reputed coaches, and honest selection plans, the inclusion of a sports psychologist counselor in Dubai is equally necessary. Sports psychology is a specific branch in the field of psychology. It unearths the psychological factors that shape your performance in sports. 

Sports counselor in Dubai mainly focuses on the scientific study of individuals and their sports-related behavior. An active sports player showcases his talents and works hard to improve and enter competitive levels. Sometimes, he may fail to get a positive outcome for his struggles and perseverance. It is here that he needs to cope up with the mental aspects of his game and get the support of certified sports or performance counselors in the UAE for a morale boost. 

How can Sports Counselors help?

Professional players in Dubai can feel stress, anxiety, fear of failure, nervousness, and a host of other emotions when they participate in sports. Psychologists or counselors can guide players by offering advice on some positive factors that include motivation, mental toughness, thinking positive, relaxation, self-belief visualization, and setting an awareness goal for a single individual player or the whole team. The performance of the team can be enhanced and uplifted by involving strategic techniques. 

In this competitive world, sportsmen realize the importance of improving their mental power and clarity along with skill and hard work. At the end of the day, it is your winning attitude that delivers the desired results! 

If you wish to contact the most verified sports or performance counselors in Dubai, DoctorUna can come to your aid. You can log on to our official website ae.doctoruna.com. Mobile users can download the App to get fully certified information on medical practitioners just with a tap of their fingers! 


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