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Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna - Published on 2023-02-09

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Did you know that hair loss can affect not just your scalp but the entire body? The thinning of hair can be a permanent or temporary phase and there are numerous causes resulting in hair loss such as hormonal changes, genetic factors, medical conditions, or effects of aging. Losing hair on the head is normal and much more common in men than in women. If you want a solution, you must visit a professional dermatologist in Dubai.

Define Baldness 

Baldness can be referred to as excessive loss of hair on the scalp region. One of the primary causes of baldness is hereditary hair loss. Some individuals facing hair loss leave it untreated and thus escalate the problem. You may cover it with makeup, accessories, or fancy hairstyles, but a detailed checkup and treatment by a reputed hair specialist in the UAE will always produce positive results.   

Symptoms of Hair Loss 

  • Gradual Hair Loss

Hair loss may catch you by surprise or you may feel a gradual decline over the years. Usually, men notice the hair receding over the forehead. Older women may experience hair loss patterns that start from the middle of the head towards the hairline portion. 

  • Patchy Hair Loss

Many individuals experience hair loss in circular bald patterns on the scalp and beard area. The skin may also become itchy and painful before hair loss. It is advisable to seek medical help sooner than later. You may visit the best male or female hair specialist in Dubai according to your gender choice.   

  • Sudden Hair Loss 

When you suffer from an emotional shock or physical trauma, it may result in sudden hair loss. Your hair may come out in clusters while washing or combing your hair. It can be a temporary phase and still cause an overall thinning of hair. A trusted hair specialist in the UAE is all you need to get to the bottom of your hair problems.  

  • Full-body Hair fall 

Due to some adverse conditions and harsh medical treatments related to chemotherapy, the human body may experience complete body hair loss. However, after a period of time, the hair may eventually grow back. Such issues can be addressed by a trusted dermatologist in Dubai.  

Diagnosis & Treatment 

The doctor may order blood tests, pull-hair tests, do a scalp biopsy, or light microscopy. Long-established dermatologists can offer effective care and treatment for various types of hair loss. You can successfully reverse hair loss with a suitable treatment plan. Hair treatment options in Dubai may include medications, hair transplant surgery, and laser therapy. 
Whether you want hair specialists in Ras Al Khaimah or Abu Dhabi, you can book an appointment online through DoctorUna medical platform. Get to know the best dermatologists available in the UAE and request an appointment near you. With innovative technology and dedicated services to help patients find the right doctors, DoctorUna is always one step ahead.


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