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Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna - Published on 2021-05-31

A professional psychologist is a certified doctor who studies human mental functions and behavior through observation, interpretation, and recordings on how individuals relate to each other and the surrounding environment. While some psychologists in Dubai do independent practice, others work in a healthcare clinic or hospital. 

What do psychologists do?

Licensed and qualified American and psychiatrist doctors in dubai provide counseling and psychotherapy to patients. These experts also offer psychological testing and treat mental disorders. Although they do not give prescriptions or offer medical procedures, psychologists often work in collaboration with medical doctors, psychiatrists, and social workers. 

Types of Psychotherapies 

  • Psychoanalytic Therapy – The therapist aims to bring out the issues hidden deep in the unconscious mind to a conscious level, where the problems could be understood and handled in a sensitive manner. This analysis helps to enlighten the unconscious conflicts in your mind. It also deals with the analysis of dreams and personal history.
  • Behavior Therapy – It is a wide spectrum term that focuses on human behavior and thought patterns. It can change negative and unhealthy behavior by using different techniques and controlled triggers to calm a person suffering from a specific phobia and confront his/her irrational fears. 
  • Cognitive Therapy – It focuses on changing dysfunctional train of thoughts for better behavior. CBT helps a person recognize his/her negative thinking process, wrong beliefs, and baseless assumptions. You can approach any of the therapy centers in Dubai to discuss a suitable therapy plan. 
  • Humanistic Therapy – The therapy is fully client-centric, offering the patients a chance to develop their positive side and reach their ultimate potential. The therapy suggests that people are capable of changing themselves and making good rational choices in their lives. 
  • Holistic Therapy – The therapist's approach mainly relies on the integration of multiple approaches to meet the client's needs. It helps clients develop an in-depth understanding of their physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. 

DoctorUna can help you seek psychotherapy treatment at exclusive mental health facilities. You may opt to visit a therapy clinic or a therapist near your locality. 

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