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Posted on Healthcare By DoctorUna - Published on 2020-09-02

The lockdown has given a boost to businesses offering online services. In the UAE, websites providing telemedicine services are booming and rightly so! Patients wanting regular appointments are eagerly accepting the audio plus video consultations online. This popular service has helped thousands of people find doctors in the UAE without the fear of getting infected. 

What do you mean by virtual medical appointment and how do you procure one?

A virtual appointment refers to an online meeting with a doctor via an electronic device screen. You are not physically present with the doctor. A virtual consultation session can be easily conducted from the comfort of your residence or office via a stable internet connection. There are many types of tele-appointments, the most popular type of online appointment involves a chat session wherein you can have a video plus audio call. 

If you know a local doctor in Dubai or UAE, you can ring the clinic and ask if such an online telemedicine service is being offered by the doctor. You can even book a virtual appointment with a specialist at DoctorUna, the most-recommended online healthcare facility in the UAE. Get a one-on-one exclusive video consultation time with the best medical specialists available in the UAE. Some healthcare providers give special priority to serious cases that need speedy emergency consultation and treatment. 

Preparing for an Online Consultation

You can note down the following points before a tele-visit with the doctor:

  • Be Clear – Before the online appointment, you need to write down the things you wish to discuss with the physician. During a virtual session, you could forget to ask something important about your medical case or ailment. 
  • Medical File – Always keep your medical file close to you. The doctor will ask you about your medical history and past or recent medicinal prescriptions. With a medical file kept within reach, you can immediately reply to such queries. 
  • Quiet Place – You need to be in a room that is peaceful that offers comfort. For video consultations, you have to sit in a place without any type of noisy distractions. Always test your online connectivity strength before the tele-appointment. Be familiar with the software you are using or take help from the medical staff to explain the procedure of a telemedicine call. 
  • Medical Devices – If you have medical devices at home like the glucometer, blood pressure device, thermometer, and others, you need to keep them near and use them if the doctor suggests it. You can provide the necessary result or information to the doctor, this can help him to know more about your condition.  
  • Take Notes – Always remember to jot down personal notes on the medical advice given by the online doctor. Some clinics or online healthcare facilities offer this feature and provide recorded notes to the patients.  

You can also give your feedback as a patient to the clinic support team so that they can improve their services. 

Telemedicine covered by UAE Insurance 

Many insurance companies have begun to consider offering indemnity plans for online telemedicine consultations in the UAE. The cover may not apply to all the specialties. It also depends on the nature of the online teleconsultation. Most reputed healthcare centers have linked their mode of payment to insurance companies. 

Safety & Security

Virtual appointments provided by clinics in the UAE have to follow the rules of DHA's strict telehealth standards. There is no compromise on safety and security regarding the patients' health. 

Important rules are listed below:

  • The patient needs to give his/her full consent before the tele appointments
  • The patients' medical data must not be stored without their permission 
  • Video recording is not permitted unless extra permission is granted by DHA
  • Medical data of the patients cannot be shown or forwarded to other doctors without the permission of the patient 
  • Patient's medical files cannot be sent out of the country (UAE)
  • You can get in touch with the clinic staff to understand all the rules and regulations before the date of appointment 

General FAQs

Do doctors prescribe medication during an online consultation?

Yes, UAE based doctors and specialists are allowed to prescribe medicines in their telemedicine sessions. Clinics with attached pharmacies offer the option of delivering the medicines to the patients' homes. Many clinics and e-health centers offer virtual prescriptions that can be presented at the local pharmacies. 

Do you have to follow-up with an actual clinic visit?

Even though telemedicine is a safe option, it has its limitations. In some cases, you may need to do physical tests for correct diagnosis. That means you have to visit the doctor's clinic. This physical visit can be determined by the doctor after your online consultation, whether you require a physical check-up or further testing. 

You can book your telehealth consultation at the leading medical service in the Middle East, DoctorUna. Request for a virtual appointment now!


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