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During the lockdown and pandemic situation, you may be finding it tough to seek medical help at land-based clinics or health centers. People are comfortable in their homes and prefer to avoid visiting a hospital or medical facility. The good news is that now you can use the virtual platform to consult doctors. DoctorUna can help you connect with super-specialist doctors sitting at home!

DoctorUna assists users to get in touch with top-rated healthcare providers in the UAE. You can easily book a physician online and proceed for an online consultation medical appointment from any place. 

Here are some simple steps to book an online medical consultation with a doctor of your choice via DoctorUna:

  • Visit the DoctorUna website or DoctorUna mobile site
  • Fill in the application for telehealth consultation
  • Enter the specialist's name or hospital name 
  • If you have entered the hospital name, you also need to select the preferred doctor from their list of doctors
  • If the doctor is already affiliated with DoctorUna can be directly booked for an online appointment (audio or video) 
  • You need to fill in a suitable time for the online consultation 
  • DoctorUna can also help you seek better doctors, you can select qualified doctor by specialty from our exhaustive homepage 

Online Consultation Process

  • Medical Category

Get started by typing the medical field category that will suit your symptoms to consult a suitable doctor 

  • Your Medical Issues 

Mention your concern and attach related medical reports, test reports, and previous prescriptions so that we can understand your case. This will help us serve you better and enable you to connect with the right doctor.

  • Get Connected to the Doctor 

Depending on your information and preferences, a suitable doctor will be auto-assigned (best match for your problems) 

  • Doctor-Patient Virtual Appointment

You can connect with the specific doctor within the online telemedicine appointment time-frame. You can thus gain an authentic virtual doctor visit, diagnosis, and treatment for your medical condition. 

Doctor Follow-Ups

If you wish to contact the doctor after your online telemedicine chat window closes, you can follow up with your doctor through DoctorUna. For all your additional queries and confusions, DoctorUna staff is ready and willing to provide 24/7 assistance to patients. 

Advantages of Virtual Telemedicine Consultation 

The seamless incorporation of digitization into the healthcare segment has been hugely successful and beneficial for mankind. Likewise, a virtual telemedicine system also offers you numerous benefits that include:

  • Granting ready access to individuals seeking urgent or voluntary medical care and attention within the confines of their home or office 
  • Virtual medical appointment can save a lot of commuting time 
  • Provides proper and detailed medical care during the current pandemic situation 
  • No hassle of going through normal hospital administration protocols 
  • Patients can totally ignore the waiting period spent outside the doctors consulting room 
  • In most cases, quality medical assistance is provided at nominal fee charges 


  • When will my queries be answered by the doctor?

For a free medical consultation, the doctor may reply within 48 hours maximum. For a paid consultation, you will get a reply within 2 to 4 hours (for chat responses). Video tele-appointment will usually start as per the time mentioned beforehand and you can have a live talk with the doctor. 

  • Who will be the consulting physicians attending to me?

All telemedicine doctors in the UAE are authentic and certified medical practitioners holding relevant qualifying degrees. They are professionals with vast experience, extensive research history, and a good track-record of medical training, which gives them the authority to practice medicine and check patients. 

  • Can the virtual doctor resolve my medical issue?

Verified and trained doctors will be able to give their expert advice based on your symptoms and medical history. The doctor may recommend further tests, lifestyle changes, and medicinal prescriptions. Patients may be asked to share medical reports, test reports, and pictures for a valid or conclusive diagnosis by the doctors. 

If you are unwell or experiencing specific symptoms, do not ignore them. You can seek quality and prompt medical attention through online sources. DoctorUna can offer medical support by arranging online consultation and booking your appointment with a qualified doctor at the earliest.


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DoctorUna.com launched in the United Arab Emirates in 2012, Egypt and Jordan in 2013 and recently in Kuwait in 2014. The purpose of DoctorUna is to allow patients to quickly search for doctors from across a broad range of specialties, compare them and easily book a convenient appointment. DoctorUna gives doctors access to a larger pool of patients, streamlines and better manages their appointment booking process so they can spend more time caring for patients.

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