Your Toddler Is All Ready For Her 15-Month Checkup

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Time flies! And looking at your baby you may feel it is true! Your tiny infant is now a toddler at 15 months. The baby is walking, running, exploring, and expressing her feelings like never before. It is a good time to visit your pediatrician in Dubai to discuss behavioral changes, discipline, safety measures to be adopted, and more. 

Here's a list of what you may expect during the toddler's 15-month visit to the child specialist in the UAE:

Pediatrician Visit 

  • The child will be measured and weighed (as per growth chart)
  • A physical examination will be conducted
  • The toddler can be given an added dose of tetanus, diphtheria, pneumococcal vaccine, Dtap vaccine, and a flu shot 
  • The child can be given a chickenpox vaccine, measles vaccine, and other age-appropriate 15-month checkup vaccines

Vaccine & Safety Measures

  • Your 15-month old child may start going to daycare and possibly be exposed to several illnesses. 
  • Protect your baby by giving all the recommended shots and vaccinations. 
  • Maintain home safety by double-checking all things within the reach of the baby
  • Make sure that all cleaning products and detergents are out of her reach and safely locked up in cabinets 
  • Cover all electrical sockets 
  • Keep the washrooms and bathroom areas closed with the toilet seat down
  • Protect the child from too much sun exposure, especially in the afternoon hours
  • Use a protective sunscreen with child-recommended SPF content 

15-month Checkup Questions to the Doctor 

  • How can you encourage the child to taste and try different kinds of foods?

You may keep offering new and colorful foods. A child may be choosy but she can acquire a taste later for some food. Small kids often imitate their parents, if she sees you eating new varieties of foodstuffs, she may follow soon. 

  • What are the most nutritious foods for a 15-month baby?

Give your child unprocessed and natural food such as fresh vegetables and fruits. They provide the right kind of nutrition to help the development of the brain and body. Try to cut her food into tiny pieces so that she doesn't choke on it. 

  • Can you use sunscreen on the baby?

It is best to keep the baby in shade and avoid exposure to the sun's rays. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that when it is essential, you may use a small amount of sunscreen (SPF15) to the baby's face and back of the hands.

  • Should the baby be seated in a forward-facing seat of the car or a rear-facing car seat?

All toddlers and babies should be put in a rear-facing seat for added protection until they reach the minimum required height and weight as per safety rules. 

When your baby is 15 months old, you need to make a 15-month-old development checklist. Here are some shared tips: 

  • She understands simple commands and follows them.
  • She can walk alone and can also run
  • She easily climbs on the furniture
  • She loves playing with toys 
  • She makes crude drawings and marks with crayons 
  • She plays and imitates your housework and other activities 

In the absence of the above-mentioned activities or any other 15-month development red flags, make sure to notify your pediatrician without delay. 

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